Sunday, February 27, 2011

The best Mobile Ecommerce Designs

mobile ecommerce designsEverybody owns a Smartphone today! And for those ecommerce merchants, having an ecommerce website is not enough – having an ecommerce mobile site is the trend today! Here are a few great designs for mobile ecommerce sites.
  • Well designed mobile websites should look unique but do not need a separate backend or platform. Sites like are a great example. The site won’t show you any text or links; instead it is full of rich images.
  • Sites like puts the search tab in the front and center and uses extremely finger-friendly buttons. The site also gives viewers the options of viewing the desktop version as well.
  • uses great mobile navigation as well as photography in its site. Remember that there won’t be any selling of products if your mobile shoppers cannot see them.
  • eBay of course is the auction king. Apart from this, eBay also knows quite a deal about presenting products on various mobile devices. Make sure your site loads fast on phones.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Pros and Cons of having Flash on your Website

Flash is a very effective and powerful tool, only if used properly. We use this tool everyday for a variety of purposes, right from web banners to full desktop applications. As far as using Flash for your website is concerned, it can be used in the following ways:
  • Flash can be used for secondary objects like a banner, animation or an image gallery.
  • As far as SEO is concerned, it is very important to note that when adding Flash you should also use the correct codes to embed files so as to ensure that your web pages all comply with w3c standards.
  • Using Flash can allow designers to create great media-rich sites that attract and engage visitors.
  • However, when using Flash, sites tend to be limited as far as text is concerned.
  • It is very difficult to optimize Flash text.
These above points can be gathered as the pros and cons. However, everything depends on how you use Flash.

Friday, February 11, 2011

SEO Secrets to Mobile Development

SEO Secrets to Mobile DevelopmentWith the number of mobile web users on the rise, the number of mobile marketing methods has also increased in popularity. This has opened up new avenues for website owners to wish to make use of SEO in their marketing efforts so as to rake in the profits.

As far as SEO is concerned, this is one strategy that should not be missing in any website design and development project. Similarly, it applies for mobile website designs as well. SEO can help increase your website ranking son the major search engines – whether on the Internet or through a mobile. Here are a few secrets that will help you get more out of your mobile development project:Keep your titles short: Because of the limitations in terms of screen size and resolution, it is important to make browsing through a mobile device easy and convenient for your users. Make sure your titles are short and creative and the contents should always be original. Give your visitors what they want – nothing more; nothing less.
  • Include a site map: A site map is a very important feature for any website. It will serve as a guide for your user’s and will help them navigate through your site easily. This is why it is important to implement a mobile site map to help your visitors find information quickly. What’s more, with a site map, your site will be indexed faster. Write a simple XML code and the search engine spiders will crawl through this and index your map.

  • Use videos to increase traffic: Most web users prefer interactive promotion methods. Everybody wants information that comes to them easily. So, create a short video that contains your website’s URL.

  • Submit your site to mobile directories: Once your mobile site has been set up, start submitting it to mobile directories. Work on your on-page SEO optimization as well as the off-page SEO efforts. Choose directories that are popular.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Innovative Tips on Logo Designing

Innovative Tips on Logo DesigningA good logo speaks volumes about your company. Therefore it is important to do it right. A good logo will keep your brand name imprinted in the public's mind. If you are planning to design a logo for your brand, go through the following tips:
  1. Your logo needn't talk about the nature of your company. Neither should it be relevant to your business. You can do much better if you do not concentrate on the nature of your company while designing the logo.
  2. Logo sketching does not require you to be an artist. Just be creative and use a pen and a paper, rather than a mouse and a monitor. Ideas flow better when you have the former.
  3. Do not follow trends. Just because it is working in the market, you need not follow the pack. Be original and let your creative juices flow.
  4. Do not use colours in the very beginning. Your logo should be first sketched out in black and white. If you feel it looks good, you can add colours and experiment all the way.
  5. Have only a single thing to be remembered about your logo. Not multiple things. Remember, all strong logos have one single feature that helps them stand apart from the crowd.