Friday, August 27, 2010

Website Design and SEO – Which One Is Important

Website Design and SEO – Which One Is Important
While creating a website, you must think of whether you have to focus more on the designing part or on the optimization part. However, the success of a site relies on both the designing and optimization part. Website designing and search engine optimization both play a very important role for a successful online presence.

SEO or search engine optimization helps to drive in traffic to a site and the designing part will help to grab the attention of the visitors. Both are essential but they adopt different techniques and ideas.

When it comes to give the credit of the overall success of a site, it can’t be given to one of them. This is the work of a joint venture and when there is a great balance between the two, the site will give its best performance. One of them cannot single-handedly create the brand identity of a business online without the support of the other.

Let’s say you have a great looking website, but if the web traffic cannot find you, what’s the whole point of creating an attractive site. Again when SEO experts drive in a great amount of traffic, if your website design doesn’t live up to the expectation then that will surely put off the visitors.

The SEO experts must understand the importance of the designing elements and the designers must comprehend the SEO basics while they design the site. Both must work together to meet the expectations of the site’s target audiences. Search visibility and an appealing site design helps the site to establish a strong online presence.

So, when you look for a web design and development company make sure they also provide SEO services.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some SEO Elements Important to Web Design

Some SEO Elements Important to Web Design
When you design your website, there are certain SEO elements, which would prove helpful if you start off working with them at the beginning only. The most crucial approach that an online business must take is to optimize their site for the search engines. You need to do this so that you can garner a huge amount of traffic from the search engines. If your site cannot attract large volumes of web traffic, then the whole point of designing and developing a site is baseless.

What SEO elements are important while designing a website?

  • Keywords Selection: This is the most crucial component in SEO. There are various elements to look for in order to determine whether a keyword or keyword phrase is likely to be successful. You can start off with the keyword that most individuals are likely to search. You can also analyze your competitor holding the page one ranking. When you select the right keyword for your site, it is highly beneficial while designing a site. It will be easier for the designer to link the different sections of a site to the keywords, making it easier also for optimizing the site for a longer time.
  • Web Content: You cannot launch the site without writing content. It is through the content that you will provide information to the visitors. Despite the fact that the content should be clearly written for the users, it would also help you reach out to them if you create content from the search engines point of view. The thing is that the users will be able to find the content through the search engine. You must write the web content with SEO in mind.
There are many web design and developing companies who merge SEO with their web design and developing procedures. You can hire these professional website design services instead of going to a web design company and another SEO company.