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The Do's of creating a Flash Web Site

The flash design program holds tremendous potential within it. Almost all web sites nowadays make notable use of flash in them. Flash can be used to create images, short videos and animations. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while designing a flash web site. Here are a few Do's that will guide you through your Flash Web Design:

1.Try and use a reference web site to get a clear idea of what flash is and how can it help enhance your own site.

2.Be completely original and strictly avoid repeating things that have been done countless times before. Things like page counters, text scrolling, page fade-ins, overly animated GIF, etc.

3.Create pages filled with quality information because that alone is going to get you better indexed in search engines. Keep the content focused on the main page so that the user does not have to scroll down to get it.

4.Use graphics to only support the content. Do not use graphics and other animated files in an excessive manner.

5.Make …

4 Main Types of Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce solutions generally include the entire ecommerce website development and design along with the list of payment systems, product search, order processing and much more. Some other ecommerce solution services provided by companies are, Ecommerce shopping cart solution, Credit card payment integration, Os Commerce integration, Payment gateway integration, Joomla Virtue mart and Zen cart Development.

It is also vital to note that there are mainly 4 different types of ecommerce solutions. Present below is a brief write up of the ecommerce solutions in the market:

1.Dedicated ECommerce: These are enterprise ecommerce solutions that are generally custom-built from a wide range of ecommerce packages. However, these solutions require a substantial investment of upfront capital, ongoing maintenance and time.

2.Outsourced Ecommerce: These are generally providers who offer a total Do-It-For-Me ecommerce solution for companies and firms.

3.Hosted Ecommerce: Hosted Ecommerce is a solution tha…

Customizing The 404s

For every site, the 404 error code will appear unavoidably from time to time. This happens when users mistype your address, through a broken link or the server going down. When the page fails to load, you will find a stark 404 Not found error page.

Now, companies have started customizing the 404 Not Found pages and this is found to be more effective than the plain looking 404 page. You can customize the blank page and give it a more user friendly touch and put a creative message and that ways users will be tempted to visit your site again.

Some companies have also gone through different ways to turn their 404 page into indexed pages. This is a fine line but it is better to consult with your SEO specialist first.

A custom 404 error can be a part of your SEO plan but not for the content itself. The main aim for customizing the 404 Not Found Page is just to explain to the users about the error and bring them back to the working page.

While designing the 404 page, you need to focus on these e…

Ecommerce Solutions for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Everyone knows that the holiday season is coming up, thus top notch organizations are coming up with great Ecommerce solutions to prep-up your Ecommerce stores. Present below is a list of tips that will most definitely increase your conversion rates and visibility this holiday season:

1.Firstly, try to take advantage of Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday immediately follows Black Friday and it is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. You can always take advantage of this increase in online shopping by having a higher visibility in major search engines. And the best way to accomplish this is by writing blogs.

2.Next you can promote holiday centric virtual gift cards and vouchers: Gift cards can sometimes make the perfect gift, especially if you are not entirely sure what to give. These digital eGifiting solutions are creating huge waves in the online markets and hence you ought to take advantage of this trend right away by offering personalized and digital gift cards. So make sure…

AJAX – An Ace in Web Development Technology

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It isn't only a new technology. It is actually a blend of several technologies that come together and accomplish tasks in a much more powerful and better way.

AJAX development basically depends on JavaScript. This coding language helps it perform so well that there's very little delay with the user interface. Therefore, users do not have to wait for a page to get refreshed and updated, making their experience a far more enjoyable one.

With Ajax the post back delay issue can be solved conveniently. The applications would only have to update the portion that has to be updated, thereby, taking less time. Earlier, many people tried to achieve this with IFRAMES and similar technologies. None of them worked as well as AJAX.

What makes AJAX so efficient is the fact that it allows web applications to perform page updates partially. This provides better responsive mechanism for refreshing pages, since only the elements that have to be updat…

The Main Themes Covering Web 2.0

The change in the perspective of the web has rightly allowed a change in the way web sites are designed. Web 2.0 design allows contribution of information by one and all. The main themes covering Web 2.0 are as follows:

1.Evolution of web services: Earlier web sites were nothing but a mere collection of web pages. A company's web site was something like its brochure done in HTML and flash. With the advent of Web 2.0, sharing and transferring content has become very easy and convenient.

2.Importance of content: Back in the era of Web 1.0, web site design was extremely important. But now, with Web 2.0, content is no longer restricted in a single place. This has increased the importance of high quality content.

3.Introduction to distributive navigation: Navigation for your content will not be limited to only your site. Users can scan the whole web for your information. In fact, they might read your content without even knowing the domain it came from.

4.Programming: Web 2.0 design demand…

Hiring a Good web Developer

A good web developer would strictly build and maintain websites of any kind. But the term can be quite confusing, as many people who create a website from start to finish, and who design graphics, web pages, figure out the site map, and produce the site, also call themselves web developers. These people who conceptualize and plan out a website are actually web designers. So, there is a vast difference.

Web developers are professionals who use any form of HTML to build actual web pages. Some of the responsibilities include: optimizing graphics for your website, producing rich media like Flash, streaming media and online audio.

Some of the basic skills a web developer would have are:

1.The ability to hand code HTML.
2.The ability to optimize graphics and web pages in order for them to load quickly.
3.The ability to handle cross browser optimization and to make sure that your website looks good on various browsers.

Some of the advanced skills a web developer should have are:

Advantages of having Joomla as a Content Management System

Because it is freely available, Joomla is extremely popular with the masses. It is an open source Content Management System and is very easy to use. Its flexible features enable the user to create a wide variety of organizational web sites, personal web sites, educational web sites etc.

Joomla development supports the creation of search engine friendly web sites, which is its most advantageous factor. All the websites developed by Joomla have an HTML layout. This makes it really easy for crawlers because there are no nestled tables or query strings in the URLs. The installation, running and even the maintenance of a Joomla web site is extremely easy. Once the installation and running is done, the updating and adding of content can be done by even those who have no programming knowledge at all. Editing of content, adding and deleting pages managing and organizing important data can be done by anyone.

Joomla provides dynamic web solutions and is extremely robust. At the same time, it is v…

eCommerce Solutions - The 3 Essentials

There are probably more than a thousand eCommerce service companies across the globe, hence its not that difficult to find one. These companies often tend to brag about their eCommerce solutions and there is absolutely no doubt that some of these companies even deliver results that go way beyond the customer expectations.

However, almost every eCommerce service company fails to inform their clients about the various eCommerce packages and thus many a times, these solutions do not help the company grow. So before you can go hunting around, for the perfect eCommerce solution that fits the business requirements of your company, try to make sure that the package you select has these 3 essential components:

1.Cart: This eCommerce solution must be a part of every package and its none other than the shopping cart software. The primary reason for this is that it is one of the most critical components of any eCommerce site. Unless you have a cart, don't expect to ever sell anything.


Web Design and Development - An Introduction

Web Design and Development is one of the fastest developing industries all over the world. For this very reason, several several Web Designing Companies have started creating web sites that are more effective and innovative, in order to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Surely, you will know by now that an outdated site has no place in this highly competitive battle arena. The fact of the matter is that Web Design and Development is an endless subject, but what really counts in the end is the deliverance of results that can out shine any competitor.

Web design and development plays a very significant role, when it comes to promoting any online business venture, product or service. Any Internet fresher will know the fact that, in order to keep momentum with present times and changing environments, an organization needs to have a site that's good looking and yet informative. This principle applies to any business, big or small and from any genre. So we can clearly stat…

The Importance of Wordpress as a CMS

If you are new to the Internet and do not know the common terms and terminologies, then here's a small yet useful insight into the concept of web applications. Here is some information on Content Management Systems or CMS.

CMS stands for Content Management System, and is a basic software that is used as a web application to create and manage all your HTML content. It includes features such as auditing, document control, editing and even time line management. It is not only limited to HTML documents, but also includes images and other such related forms of media.

Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS' in the world, and has proved this fact by winning the 2009 Open Source CMS Award. With Wordpress, you will notice the transition from your site being a mere blog site to that of a complete CMS software. Wordpress is increasingly raking over all other CMS platforms.

The Benefits of Wordpress include:

Firstly, Wordprocess has an efficient 5 minute installation procedure that makes it…

Some Of The Best Web Designs In The World

A web design is not only an art of creating a good presentation of an organization’s image and content but it also involves the science of making the site more engaging and attractive for the visitors. Many have tried this feat but only some have succeeded.

There are few website designs in this global market that have truly captured the eyes of the visitors. The following is a list of those websites who over years have been loved by millions for its striking web designs.

1. Apple is a connoisseur when it comes to computer products but it is also the best example of a gorgeous website design. The site has a great balance of simplicity and rich images. The site is also easy and great to navigate through and it is the best-designed website of all.

2. When you visit this site, you can see it’s fresh, simple and clear. No doubt, you will instantly know what it does and where you can start looking for what you want. In the web design there is nothing that goes overboar…

Website Design and SEO – Which One Is Important

While creating a website, you must think of whether you have to focus more on the designing part or on the optimization part. However, the success of a site relies on both the designing and optimization part. Website designing and search engine optimization both play a very important role for a successful online presence.

SEO or search engine optimization helps to drive in traffic to a site and the designing part will help to grab the attention of the visitors. Both are essential but they adopt different techniques and ideas.

When it comes to give the credit of the overall success of a site, it can’t be given to one of them. This is the work of a joint venture and when there is a great balance between the two, the site will give its best performance. One of them cannot single-handedly create the brand identity of a business online without the support of the other.

Let’s say you have a great looking website, but if the web traffic cannot find you, what’s the whole point of creating an att…

Some SEO Elements Important to Web Design

When you design your website, there are certain SEO elements, which would prove helpful if you start off working with them at the beginning only. The most crucial approach that an online business must take is to optimize their site for the search engines. You need to do this so that you can garner a huge amount of traffic from the search engines. If your site cannot attract large volumes of web traffic, then the whole point of designing and developing a site is baseless.

What SEO elements are important while designing a website?

Keywords Selection: This is the most crucial component in SEO. There are various elements to look for in order to determine whether a keyword or keyword phrase is likely to be successful. You can start off with the keyword that most individuals are likely to search. You can also analyze your competitor holding the page one ranking. When you select the right keyword for your site, it is highly beneficial while designing a site. It will be easier for the designer …

Importance of Web Application Development

Web application development plays an extremely important role today when it comes to designing a user friendly website. But how so?

Web application development is a function that involves the development and maintenance of certain software applications that are used in the creation of web pages. We all know that there are various coded languages that are used to make software applications. Some of these languages include: JavaScript, PHP, JSP, ASP and many more. Each of these technical languages has a specific function in the performance of web application development.

Note that each and every web application that exists today is different from the other in terms of functioning. Thus, it requires an in depth understanding of these technologies to be able to get started with the development process. It is very important to hire a professional web development firm that is experienced and knowledgeable in this field.

When creating a website, it is important to note that each website has dif…

Web Application Development

Web application development has been an integral part of online marketing. With the help of an experienced web application service, you can customize your website. Web application services include:

Application Development
Application Migration and Porting
Application Reengineering and Enhancement
Application Audit and Testing
Application Maintenance

Among all others, PHP web application has great features that is important for website owners. There are so many website development companies that specializes in and offer PHP web application services.

PHP is an open-source development language that is popular and is supported by the online web development community. With PHP application services, you can get the desired dynamic database driven website. As PHP has rich features, it easily can lead the industry with at an affordable cost. Below are the advantages of PHP web application:

• PHP especially design for the web.

• PHP is a robust and proven platform

• It is an open-source and so it is…

Brief Idea & Importance of Web Design Services

Web design services have been spreading all over the world as it has become the most important part of a successful website and online business. Individuals, who have website, they realize how important website design for paving the way for online success and benefit. Website design is a significant part that helps the website getting search engine ranking. Search engines consider a good and appealing website that can be easily navigated as qualified to be in its first or second page as website design shows the potential portfolio of the company online. A website design that can have easy access to search engine's can soon reach the top. With this, you need your website well designed, attractive, easy to navigate, highly usable, having good content, full of relevant information, and enough functionality. This kind of website can bring you targeted traffic and the customers also feel visit and buy products from you again and again.

The two types of website designs that are generall…