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The Main Themes Covering Web 2.0

The Main Themes Covering Web 2.0
The change in the perspective of the web has rightly allowed a change in the way web sites are designed. Web 2.0 design allows contribution of information by one and all. The main themes covering Web 2.0 are as follows:

1.Evolution of web services: Earlier web sites were nothing but a mere collection of web pages. A company's web site was something like its brochure done in HTML and flash. With the advent of Web 2.0, sharing and transferring content has become very easy and convenient.

2.Importance of content: Back in the era of Web 1.0, web site design was extremely important. But now, with Web 2.0, content is no longer restricted in a single place. This has increased the importance of high quality content.

3.Introduction to distributive navigation: Navigation for your content will not be limited to only your site. Users can scan the whole web for your information. In fact, they might read your content without even knowing the domain it came from.

4.Programming: Web 2.0 design demands the use of semantics and words more than the presentation and layout. It is extremely important to survive the competition by branding the content and the web site.