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Hiring a Good web Developer

Hiring a Good web Developer
A good web developer would strictly build and maintain websites of any kind. But the term can be quite confusing, as many people who create a website from start to finish, and who design graphics, web pages, figure out the site map, and produce the site, also call themselves web developers. These people who conceptualize and plan out a website are actually web designers. So, there is a vast difference.

Web developers are professionals who use any form of HTML to build actual web pages. Some of the responsibilities include: optimizing graphics for your website, producing rich media like Flash, streaming media and online audio.

Some of the basic skills a web developer would have are:

1.The ability to hand code HTML.
2.The ability to optimize graphics and web pages in order for them to load quickly.
3.The ability to handle cross browser optimization and to make sure that your website looks good on various browsers.

Some of the advanced skills a web developer should have are:
  • Javascript
  • Photoshop
  • XML
  • CSS
  • Knowledge about CGI forms
  • Can deploy various web technologies like JSP, XSSI, .ASP, Dynamo and Cold Fusion.
  • SSI