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AJAX – An Ace in Web Development Technology

AJAX – An Ace in Web Development Technology
AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It isn't only a new technology. It is actually a blend of several technologies that come together and accomplish tasks in a much more powerful and better way.

AJAX development basically depends on JavaScript. This coding language helps it perform so well that there's very little delay with the user interface. Therefore, users do not have to wait for a page to get refreshed and updated, making their experience a far more enjoyable one.

With Ajax the post back delay issue can be solved conveniently. The applications would only have to update the portion that has to be updated, thereby, taking less time. Earlier, many people tried to achieve this with IFRAMES and similar technologies. None of them worked as well as AJAX.

What makes AJAX so efficient is the fact that it allows web applications to perform page updates partially. This provides better responsive mechanism for refreshing pages, since only the elements that have to be updated are updated.

AJAX also saves the bandwidth. Its design pattern is such that the applications need to download the page structure and layout only once. This saves the trouble of downloading each time the page has to be refreshed or uploaded, thus saving time and bandwidth.