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Ecommerce Solutions for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Everyone knows that the holiday season is coming up, thus top notch organizations are coming up with great Ecommerce solutions to prep-up your Ecommerce stores. Present below is a list of tips that will most definitely increase your conversion rates and visibility this holiday season:

1.Firstly, try to take advantage of Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday immediately follows Black Friday and it is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. You can always take advantage of this increase in online shopping by having a higher visibility in major search engines. And the best way to accomplish this is by writing blogs.

2.Next you can promote holiday centric virtual gift cards and vouchers: Gift cards can sometimes make the perfect gift, especially if you are not entirely sure what to give. These digital eGifiting solutions are creating huge waves in the online markets and hence you ought to take advantage of this trend right away by offering personalized and digital gift cards. So make sure…

AJAX – An Ace in Web Development Technology

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It isn't only a new technology. It is actually a blend of several technologies that come together and accomplish tasks in a much more powerful and better way.

AJAX development basically depends on JavaScript. This coding language helps it perform so well that there's very little delay with the user interface. Therefore, users do not have to wait for a page to get refreshed and updated, making their experience a far more enjoyable one.

With Ajax the post back delay issue can be solved conveniently. The applications would only have to update the portion that has to be updated, thereby, taking less time. Earlier, many people tried to achieve this with IFRAMES and similar technologies. None of them worked as well as AJAX.

What makes AJAX so efficient is the fact that it allows web applications to perform page updates partially. This provides better responsive mechanism for refreshing pages, since only the elements that have to be updat…

The Main Themes Covering Web 2.0

The change in the perspective of the web has rightly allowed a change in the way web sites are designed. Web 2.0 design allows contribution of information by one and all. The main themes covering Web 2.0 are as follows:

1.Evolution of web services: Earlier web sites were nothing but a mere collection of web pages. A company's web site was something like its brochure done in HTML and flash. With the advent of Web 2.0, sharing and transferring content has become very easy and convenient.

2.Importance of content: Back in the era of Web 1.0, web site design was extremely important. But now, with Web 2.0, content is no longer restricted in a single place. This has increased the importance of high quality content.

3.Introduction to distributive navigation: Navigation for your content will not be limited to only your site. Users can scan the whole web for your information. In fact, they might read your content without even knowing the domain it came from.

4.Programming: Web 2.0 design demand…

Hiring a Good web Developer

A good web developer would strictly build and maintain websites of any kind. But the term can be quite confusing, as many people who create a website from start to finish, and who design graphics, web pages, figure out the site map, and produce the site, also call themselves web developers. These people who conceptualize and plan out a website are actually web designers. So, there is a vast difference.

Web developers are professionals who use any form of HTML to build actual web pages. Some of the responsibilities include: optimizing graphics for your website, producing rich media like Flash, streaming media and online audio.

Some of the basic skills a web developer would have are:

1.The ability to hand code HTML.
2.The ability to optimize graphics and web pages in order for them to load quickly.
3.The ability to handle cross browser optimization and to make sure that your website looks good on various browsers.

Some of the advanced skills a web developer should have are: