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4 Main Types of Ecommerce Solutions

4 Main Types of Ecommerce Solutions
Ecommerce solutions generally include the entire ecommerce website development and design along with the list of payment systems, product search, order processing and much more. Some other ecommerce solution services provided by companies are, Ecommerce shopping cart solution, Credit card payment integration, Os Commerce integration, Payment gateway integration, Joomla Virtue mart and Zen cart Development.

It is also vital to note that there are mainly 4 different types of ecommerce solutions. Present below is a brief write up of the ecommerce solutions in the market:

1.Dedicated ECommerce: These are enterprise ecommerce solutions that are generally custom-built from a wide range of ecommerce packages. However, these solutions require a substantial investment of upfront capital, ongoing maintenance and time.

2.Outsourced Ecommerce: These are generally providers who offer a total Do-It-For-Me ecommerce solution for companies and firms.

3.Hosted Ecommerce: Hosted Ecommerce is a solution that provides a wider range of ecommerce functionalities.

4.Shopping Cart Providers: A shopping cart system basically allows an online customer to collect items and then when the user is ready to purchase the chosen items upon checking out. Shopping cart solutions are primarily shared solutions which are launched on to traditional web sites to enable users to purchase and select goods.