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The Do's of creating a Flash Web Site

The Do's of creating a Flash Web Site
The flash design program holds tremendous potential within it. Almost all web sites nowadays make notable use of flash in them. Flash can be used to create images, short videos and animations. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while designing a flash web site. Here are a few Do's that will guide you through your Flash Web Design:

1.Try and use a reference web site to get a clear idea of what flash is and how can it help enhance your own site.

2.Be completely original and strictly avoid repeating things that have been done countless times before. Things like page counters, text scrolling, page fade-ins, overly animated GIF, etc.

3.Create pages filled with quality information because that alone is going to get you better indexed in search engines. Keep the content focused on the main page so that the user does not have to scroll down to get it.

4.Use graphics to only support the content. Do not use graphics and other animated files in an excessive manner.

5.Make sure your web page is compliant with HTML and follow all the HTML standards.

6.The site should load quickly. Do not use huge files that take a lot of time to load on the browsers.

7.Do not use loud colors in your site. Keep the colors minimal and subtle.